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adversarial security

Implement a threat driven approach to resilience

Leverage an attacker perspective, technical testing and strategic simulations to improve security and built crisis management capabilities. Sygnia works with you to test capabilities against real life threats, uncover vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit it, and build a valuable learning experience responding to attacks.  

RED teaming


Simulate end-to-end real-life targeted attacks within your network, mirroring adversary TTPs, and curated to your environment and critical business assets. Test your security while increasing the “noise level” of the attack, to establish a fact-based view of your defenses and identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.

Purple Teaming


Stress test configuration, network security, and visibility and surface opportunities for improving resilience - while assessing and training your internal team in preventing, detecting, and investigating advanced attacks. Enhance knowledge and awareness to risks, and empower your Security team  through an advanced and dynamic training experiences.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Expose vulnerabilities in networks, applications, products and platforms, identify critical paths that sophisticated threat actors can leverage against your critical assets, and remediate vulnerabilities. The effort can be implemented either on a case-by-case basis or through a comprehensive testing program.  

Attack Surface Assessment

Attack Surface

Review and understand your external attack surface and digital footprint, leveraging both automated capabilities and expert penetration testing. Discover potential vulnerabilities, reduce exposure, and strengthen your perimeter and extended perimeter security across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.  

Tabletop War games

War games

Train your executive leadership  and board, as well as technology and security management, by simulating a heavyweight  tailor made realistic attack against your organization. Stress test roles and responsibilities, improve process and build management knowledge, capability, and instill the confidence needed to lead through a cyber crisis.

security training


Build your team’s capabilities or improve existing competencies in core cyber security sub-domains. The training draws on experience and learning from the frontlines, and addresses both information security fundamentals, and the advanced capabilities needed to defend against and respond in dynamic confrontations with threats.

we deploy only a-teams

Our engagement teams are comprised of experts with extensive experience at the forefront of cyber, and exceptional technological depth. We recruit and deploy only top talent. Teams we assign to a client mission normally have several decades of accumulative cyber experience. We apply a hands-on, gloves-off approach and work in close collaboration with IT, Security teams and management.

A Business Driven
Approach to Security

Our approach is to align security with business needs. When we partner with you to strengthen resilience, we aim to make sure your defenses enable digital transformation and become a part of your business agility  and competitiveness. When confronted with a cyber incident, we will be there to win the battle within your network, but also  support you in  managing the strategic implications of the breach.


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