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proactive defense

Build resilience and stay ahead of the threats

Assess, stress test, and build your ability to detect, prevent, and defeat attacks - while meeting your business performance needs. Sygnia implements robust methodologies and expertise to support you in establishing a clear understanding of your security, aligning your resilience with emerging threats, cutting through complexity, optimizing resource allocation, and managing risk. 

security posture ehancement

security posture

Assess your resilience against both industry best practices  and realistic threats, leveraging Sygnia’s methodology of MASS™ - Massive Attack Scenarios Simulation. Identify vulnerabilities and strengths, align security to the threats, and optimize your portfolio to maximize security ROI. Establish a clear understanding of your security and an effective roadmap to further enhance maturity.

Cloud security Enhancement

Cloud security

Assess existing cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, or support secure migrations to the cloud and cloud transformation. Improve architecture and configurations, align cloud and on-premise security, leverage built-in security advantages of the cloud, and address modern cloud challenges such as ephemeral assets.

Applications security Assessment

Applications security Assessment

Review the security of your applications estate. Implement and optimize an effective applications security strategy if needed, and identify detailed technical recommendations to strengthen the resilience of your critical applications.  The process may include a code review, evaluation of infrastructures, architecture and configurations; and SSDLC and CI/CD pipeline.

Ransomware Defense Development

Ransomware Defense Development

Strengthen your ability to prevent and sustain ransomware, disruption and destruction attacks. The process is based on extensive learning from responding to such attacks, identifying vulnerabilities that can be leveraged for sophisticated ransomware deployment and propagation, optimizing detection and protection, and addressing issues such as data protection and business continuity.  

cyber secure design

cyber secure design

Support the development of businesses, platforms, applications, programs, and digital transformation with security by design. We will work with you to implement resiliency design principles and construct a cyber architecture and cyber strategy that will be effective, efficient, and adaptive from the outset.

AMergers & Acquisition Assessments

Mergers & Acquisitions Assessments

Support the due diligence and acquisition process, with a high quality, consistent and result-oriented view of the target organization in relation to cyber business risk, cyber maturity, and investment needed to enhance security or remediate gaps. Evaluate risk, assess computability, and design measures to ensure post-acquisition..

SOC Capabilities improvement

SOC Capabilities

Enhance visibility, analytics, and event handling capabilities of  security teams or SOCs to establish stronger detection and response capacity. Reduce false positives, assess and develop your processes and contingencies - to improve readiness and minimize the effects of a breach. The approach  can include hands-on technical optimization, training, and process improvement.  

Industrial Control systems Security

Industrial Control systems Security

Diagnose and enhance the security and safety of industrial control systems, and IoT. We address security across cyber-physical systems, IT, OT and IT-OT connectivity - including standard and nonstandard arrays, in manufacturing plants, critical infrastructures, utilities and data centers, logistics and transportation platforms, large scale robotics, and building management systems.

Executive Suite Security


Assess executives' work and home environment, including home offices and digital assets, review digital footprint exposure, and provide technical recommendations to address identified risks to them, their families, and the organization at large. Enhance executives' understanding of cyber risks and guide behavioral measures against techniques that are likely to be used against them.

Security program optimization

Security Program optimization

Evaluate your security strategy, operational model and security road map. Receive an independent, balanced view of your security program, identify blind spots, and adapt plans to current and emerging threats. Optimize resource allocation and security portfolio towards a “cyber efficiency frontier” to achieve more security from any current level of investment, and make the optimal choice about “what’s next.”  

supply chain security

Supply chain

Implementing a tailor-made supply chain/3rd party framework based on your organization's relevant threats, risk appetite and unique needs. Map your supply and value chain in the context of cyber risk, assess vulnerabilities and strengths, and identify initiatives to enhance security. Assess critical 3rd party connectivity to your network and implement effective controls.

we dePLoy only

Our engagement teams are comprised of experts with extensive experience at the forefront of cyber, and exceptional technological depth. We recruit and deploy only top talent. Teams we assign to a client's mission normally have several decades of accumulative cyber experience. We apply a hands-on, gloves-off approach and work in close collaboration with IT, security teams and management.

A business-driven
approach to security

Our approach is to align security with business needs. When we partner with you to strengthen resilience, we aim to make sure your defenses enable digital transformation and become a part of your business agility and competitiveness. When confronted with a cyber incident, we will be there to win the battle within your network as well as support you in managing the strategic implications of the breach.


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