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threat response

Manage risks, contain and defeat attacks

Investigate, contain, and defeat attacks within your network, while minimizing impact and enabling effective recovery. Sygnia forensics and incident response capabilities are designed to effectively counter the full spectrum of attacks, resolve incidents, and support risk management and business recovery.

Digital forensics


Reinforce your capabilities with Sygnia support, in forensic diagnostics, reverse engineering, and evidence preservation, including host, network, mobile, cloud or any other form of digital data. Manage uncertainty by determining if security alerts constitute a critical risk, and obtain actionable recommendations to address vulnerabilities and mitigate threats.

incident response


When confronted with a breach, you need the best team on your side. Sygnia’s response teams combine technological agility, a deep understanding of the attackers, and extensive experience. We provide complete support on any level needed – from the investigation, through containing and defeating the attack to remediation and recovery, to crisis management.

incident response retainer


Establish preferred terms and service levels ahead of a cyber security breach. You will have an elite, trusted partner on standby to support you, from forensic triage to handling a full-scale cyber event. This approach can reduce the response time, help manage the impact of a cyber event, and enable faster recovery.

incident response readiness


Assess and enhance your ability to respond to and sustain cyber attacks, and strengthen your crisis management capabilities. We will augment your existing incident response and recovery plans or put together a new response and recovery process and playbooks as needed. Close gaps and improve preparation to manage the complex undertaking and intense pressure of a cyber breach.

threat hunting


Proactively hunt attacks within your network, and identify and neutralize dormant and active threats at an early stage. Leverage Sygnia’s Advanced Compromise Assessment process to establish a clear base of security and enhance your ability to trust your network and the integrity of your critical systems and data assets.

advanced monitoring


Utilize Sygnia’s capabilities to monitor your network in the aftermath of incident response, or in times of significant business risk. We deploy advanced  capabilities  designed to prevent attacks, including advanced targeted attacks. When needed, this work can be performed clandestinely, aiming not to alert threat actors that an effort is underway.  

litigation Support


Ensure the highest level of expertise in preparation to, and management of, litigation and regulatory processes. Our experts work with internal and external counsel, helping collect and preserve evidence, analyzing evidence and reports declarations and deposition. They provide professional technical advice, support incident response oversight, and develop reports, all under legal privilege.  

we DEPLOY only a-teams

Our engagement teams are comprised of experts with extensive experience at the forefront of cyber and exceptional technological depth. We recruit and deploy only top talent. Teams we assign to a client's mission normally have  several decades of accumulative cyber experience. We apply a hands-on, gloves-off approach and work in close collaboration with IT, security teams and management.

A business-driven
approach to security

Our approach is to align security with business needs. When we partner with you to strengthen resilience, we aim to make sure your defenses enable digital transformation and become a part of your business agility and competitiveness . When confronted with a cyber incident, we will be there to win the battle within your network, as well as support you in managing the strategic implications of the breach.


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