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Threat Response

Manage risks, contain and defeat attacks

Swiftly contain and defeat attacks within your network, while minimizing impact and enabling effective recovery. Sygnia has built one of the strongest forensics and incident response capabilities, designed to effectively counter the most sophisticated attacks.

Incident Response

Incident Response

Incident response is a surgical combat operation within your network. In many cases, it also poses a strategic challenge to business. Sygnia’s response teams combine technological agility and depth, an unparalleled understanding of the attackers, and extensive experience in investigating, containing and remediation threats, from criminal groups to state-level attacks.

Forensics support

Forensics Support

Conduct digital forensic investigations of internal and external driven events. Reinforce your capabilities with Sygnia Tier 3 support, assisting your experts with forensic diagnostics, reverse engineering, and evidence preservation. Manage uncertainty by determining if security alerts constitute a critical risk and obtain actionable recommendations to  address vulnerabilities and mitigate threats.

Advanced monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

Strengthen security by utilizing Sygnia’s capabilities to monitor your network in the aftermath of incident response, or in times of significant business and security risk. We deploy advanced monitoring, analytics, and hunting capabilities, contextualized to your needs and focused on advanced targeted attacks.

We Deploy Only A-Teams

Our engagement teams are comprised of experts with an unparalleled level of experience at the forefront of cyber, and an exceptional level of technological depth. We recruit and deploy only top talent. Each team we assign to a client mission normally has several decades of accumulative cyber experience. We apply a hands-on gloves-off approach and work in close collaboration with IT, security teams and management, to meet the challenges of cyber.

We Don’t Just Secure Networks, We Secure Companies

Our approach is to align security with business strategy. When we partner with you to build your cyber resilience, we will make sure your defenses become a part of your business agility, innovation and competitiveness. When confronted with a cyber incident, we will be there not only to win the battle within your network, but to support you in effectively managing the strategic implications of the breach.

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