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Stopping A Dangerous Supply Chain Attack

Fraud Is Discovered

The retailer discovered it was the subject of financial fraud that included the creation and sale of fake gift cards. There was no clear attribution to any known threat group.

Sygnia Uncovers a Multi-million Dollar Supply Chain Attack

Sygnia performed a forensic investigation that uncovered the full attack scope, timeline, and methods. A wide compromise of the client’s corporate network was discovered, that included continuous threat-actor reconnaissance of the client’s financial systems. The scope of the fraud was quantified and found to reach several million dollars.

Attacker Eradicated

Sygnia identified a third-party IT provider as the attacker entry point. Sygnia put an end to the theft by eradicating all malicious access to the client’s corporate network and financial systems.

Mitigating Supply-chain Risk

The client received a comprehensive forensic report from Sygnia that detailed the root cause of the attack and quantified the scope of the financial theft. The current security practices of all third-party suppliers were further evaluated and improved where necessary to mitigate the risk of a future supply chain breach.


“Sygnia discovered that a third-party IT provider was the attacker entry point.”

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