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20 May 2024

Navigating the Digital Minefield

Part 1: A Thrilling Guide to Mastering Cyber Crisis Management.
Explore real-world cyber crises reimagined as high-stakes dramas, from WannaCry to Target’s breach.

15 May 2024

ESXi Ransomware Attacks: Evolution, Impact, and Defense Strategy

Understand how ransomware attacks unfold in virtualized environments, and how to defend against these attacks across each phase of the cyber-attack kill chain.

6 May 2024

Chapter 3 – Reversing DoSvc C++ using Ghidra – Part 1

In this chapter, we’ll finally get started on my favorite part: the reversing phase. Reversing is like looking for a needle in a haystack, so prepare yourselves, because things are about to get technical.

21 April 2024

Securing Tomorrow: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges from ISTARI’S CHARTER 2024

Recently Sygnia’s CEO Ram Elboim participated as a panelist at the CHARTER event hosted by ISTARI in Singapore. The panel focused on cyber trends and future organizational threats. Learn more about Ram’s insights discussed in the event.

16 April 2024

Chapter 2 – Black Box Research

The intricacies of WUDO (Windows Update Delivery Optimization).

1 April 2024

Chapter 1 – Introduction

The intricacies of WUDO (Windows Update Delivery Optimization).

5 March 2024

The Anatomy of a BlackCat (ALPHV) Attack

Explore the thwarted cyber extortion attempt by the BlackCat ransomware group, unraveled by Sygnia’s Incident Response team in 2023.

21 February 2024

Proof of Concept: Overcoming Google Cloud Incident Response Issues with ‘Cirrus’

How the Cirrus tool developed by Sygnia assists in evidence collection & investigation, while uncovering key log analysis & incident response strategies for Google Cloud.

21 February 2024

Announcing ‘Cirrus’ – New Opensource Tool to Combat Google Cloud Incident Response Challenges

New open-source tool streamlines incident response in Google Workspace & GCP. Overcome challenges, access data, & gain insights faster. Learn more about Cirrus & Google Cloud forensics in our blog series.