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5 February 2024

Eradicating A Persistent Attacker

An advanced threat actor attacked the client. The threat actor gained domain admin privileges over the network, including access to critical servers and backups.

5 February 2024

Log4J Attack Contained In Minutes

The client had previously engaged Sygnia to contain and eradicate an attacker, including deployment of Sygnia’s Advanced Monitoring for post-breach surveillance.

5 February 2024

Data Breach Remediated and Resilience Enhanced

Sygnia was called in to respond to the breach. A Sygnia IR team fully identified the entry point and lateral movement vectors of the attacker.

2 February 2024

Stopping A Dangerous Supply Chain Attack

Sygnia performed a forensic investigation that uncovered the full attack scope, timeline, and methods.

9 January 2024

Mitigating Vulnerabilities of a Subsidiary

Sygnia performed an extensive analysis of the company’s cyber security posture across specific security pillars that were chosen by the client.

9 January 2024

Securing A Port’s Crane and Container Management System

24 cyber- attack scenarios were developed and executed to test the port’s defenses against the ‘best practices’ commonly used by attackers when targeting similar infrastructure.

9 January 2024

Defeating Multiple Simultaneous Attacks on a CSP

Sygnia was engaged to provide incident response services. Sygnia’s IR team immediately launched multiple workstreams to contain the attack and return operations to normal as quickly as possible.