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Military-Grade Cyber Security

Sygnia is a cyber technology and services company, providing high-end consulting and incident response support for organizations worldwide. We apply technological supremacy, digital combat experience, data analytics and a business-driven mindset to cyber security, enabling organizations to excel in the age of cyber. Sygnia is the trusted advisor and service provider of IT and security teams, senior managements and boards of top organizations, including Fortune 100 companies.

Sygnia works with organizations to proactively build their cyber resilience and to respond and defeat attacks within their networks.

Proactive Defense

Systematically assess, stress test, and build your cyber resilience while meeting your business performance needs. Sygnia implements robust methodologies and expertise to support you in driving your security against threats, cut through complexity, build resilience and manage risk.
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Threat Response

Swiftly contain and defeat attacks within your network, while minimizing impact and enabling effective recovery. Sygnia has built one of the strongest forensics and incident response capabilities, designed to effectively counter the most sophisticated attacks.
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Above All, Combat Experience

Sygnia deploys top talent and implements the operational art of elite military units, digital combat experience, and a deep understanding of attackers to secure organizations. Sygnia’s teams have extensive hands-on experience in the most complex offensive and defensive cyber environments. These capabilities create a real differentiator in building resilience and effectively responding to sophisticated attacks.

Technological Supremacy

Technological Supremacy

We bring the highest level of technological expertise and technical innovation to your security. Our teams combine top attack experts, forensic experts, data scientists, system architects and enterprise security engineers. They leverage both commercially available capabilities and proprietary technologies developed by our R&D group.

Attacker perspective

Attacker Perspective

We understand attackers like no one else. To flip the asymmetry against attackers, you need to think like them and emulate their tactics. We apply decades of experience in cyber operations and constant analysis of threats, to build security against realistic threats and to defeat attacks.

win the race against time

Win the Race Against Time

When under cyber attack, every minute counts. Our response teams can outmaneuver the adversary and swiftly and decisively defeat attacks. We deploy Sygnia’s proprietary incident response technology suite, but can also leverage  existing solutions within your environment to maximize efficiency and speed.

Focus on High Impact

Focus on High Impact

Security is the fabric of technology, configuration, process, strategy, and people. We take a comprehensive view of all these dimensions. Ultimately, we aim to drive your security against the highest-impact risks to your business, and focus on the highest-impact opportunities to strengthen your resilience.

We Are in Your Corner

We Are in Your Corner

We are determined to
ensure mission success and committed to the security of the organizations we work with.  We aim to the highest levels of responsiveness, establish long-term collaboration with our clients, and are absolutely steadfast when it comes to their confidentiality.

We Don’t Just Secure Networks, We Secure Companies

Our approach is to align security with business strategy. When we partner with you to build your cyber resilience, we will make sure your defenses become a part of your business agility, innovation and competitiveness. When confronted with a cyber incident, we will be there not only to win the battle within your network, but to support you in effectively managing the strategic implications of the breach.

Sygnia works with companies in a variety of industries worldwide, establishing strong relationships and supporting them in transforming security and responding to threats.

Media & Entertainment

Logistics & Transportation


Data Centers


Law Firms

Information Technology


Financial Services


Utilities & Infrastructure

Retail & CPG

Pharma & Life Sciences

A Team8 and Temasek Company

Sygnia was launched with Team8 cybersecurity powerhouse. It is supported by leading investors and partners, including Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Qualcomm, Temasek and Innovation Endeavors. Since October 2018, Sygnia is a Team8 and a Temasek International company.

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