Gain sharp visibility into your digital landscape, identifying opportunities for high-impact, strategic improvements.

Extensive experience helping clients contain and remediate multiple types of threats and improve their defenses has shaped our cyber posture enhancement and assessment services. An investment in these proactive services is proven to help organizations significantly improve their security posture, maximize existing security investments and accelerate strategic security objectives.


Our cyber posture enhancement and assessment services include:

Cyber Security Posture Assessment

Assess strength and design security, and establish resilience.

M&A Cyber Due Diligence Assessment

Conduct due diligence, and analyze and manage acquisition-related risk.

Secure Design

Organizations must prioritize integrating security into the design lifecycle to proactively address evolving cyber threats and prevent exploitation by threat-actors.


  • Achieve a comprehensive and holistic understanding of your resilience to cyber attacks
  • Maximize your existing security investment ROI
  • Uncover and learn to remediate attack vectors that will likely be used in a real-life attack
  • Receive a prioritized, pragmatic set of cyber enhancement initiatives
  • Accelerate your path toward accomplishing strategic and tactical corporate cyber objectives
  • Vastly reduce breach risk and potential damage