Sygnia’s extensive experience helping clients contain and remediate severe security breaches and improve their defenses, has shown that organizations can achieve significant, quick-win improvements to security posture, maximize the ROI of their existing security investment and simultaneously accelerate achievement of their longer-term strategic security objectives.

Sygnia’s posture enhancement service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their cyber resilience, and a detailed path forward to vastly reduce cyber risk.


Achieve a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the organization’s resilience to cyber attacks
Uncover and learn to remediate attack vectors that will likely be used against the organization in a real-life attack
Receive a prioritized, pragmatic set of cyber enhancement initiatives
Maximize the ROI of existing security investment
Accelerate attainment of strategic and tactical corporate cyber objectives
Vastly reduce breach risk and potential damage

“Sygnia cuts through complexity to provide a prioritized, clear and strategic cyber roadmap for leadership”

A Fast Path To Knowing Your Organization’s True Cyber Posture

Sygnia’s posture enhancement service is designed to provide significant impact in just a few weeks, driven by an efficient, 3-step process.

Step One: Discovery

Step one starts with a review of both business and IT systems. The organization’s business context, organizational structure, critical assets and processes are understood. The technology environment is reviewed, including IT systems, network architecture, and the security stack.

Hands-on adversary simulations are then applied to the network, replicating threat-actor tactics, techniques, and procedures. Embedded in Sygnia’s adversary simulations are the latest insights into threat-actor tactics from Sygnia’s Threat Research Group and Sygnia’s incident response teams. Security system misconfigurations, design flaws, and exploitable vulnerabilities are identified.

Step Two: Analysis

Step two is an analysis of the organization’s capabilities in comparison to Sygnia’s best-practices. We cherry-picked the best-practices in the industry from international standards such as NIST and ISO, and fused them with our extensive front-line experience. To assess the organization’s true capabilities, Sygnia develops high-impact attack scenarios that stress-test the ways adversaries could materialize their goals against the organization. We identify if and how the organization would prevent, detect, respond and recover from each scenario. The results are used to form an accurate and detailed picture of organization’s current security posture, including security gaps, strengths, and opportunities for improvement.


Step Three: Strategic and Tactical Recommendations

In step three, Sygnia develops and consolidated and actionable insights and initiatives prioritized by impact and ease of implementation. Sygnia identifies not only security gaps but also the specific steps an organization needs to take to address them at both strategic and technical levels.
For executives, Sygnia provides a strategic overview that includes the organization’s current strengths and opportunities to bolster defenses, key strategic insights, and a roadmap with a recommended plan of action.

For security teams, Sygnia provides a detailed, visual gap analysis that illustrates the organization’s current cyber strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Detailed, prioritized initiatives are provided with the level of granularity required to ensure successful implementation. All cybersecurity domains are addressed including detection and response, identity and access management, data protection, application security, security governance, network security, and IT infrastructure.

Sygnia’s recommendations are pragmatic, actionable, and impact-driven. Sygnia’s approach is to always look first for ways to optimize the client’s existing security stack. Where additional investment is required, it can be justified with a detailed roadmap that is designed to facilitate an executive-level understanding of the security challenges the organization faces.

The Time For Action Is Now

Cyber defenses are often far more permeable than assumed, but the asymmetry between attackers and defenders can be reversed. Organizations should start with a posture assessment to get full visibility into their organization’s current resilience to cyber attacks. Cyber security strengths will be identified, and exploitable gaps will be revealed. Critical gaps will be closed immediately, before they are exploited by an attacker. The organization can then move forward to implement a strategic posture enhancement roadmap and achieve dramatic improvements in cyber resilience.



Sygnia employs only highly experienced A-teams with extensive cyber warfare and enterprise security backgrounds. Sygnia’s extensive incident response and enterprise security experience is embedded into our posture assessments and enhancements, including deep insights into the requisite defensive fabric and tactics needed to maximize cyber defenses.


Sygnia’s recommendations are pragmatic, actionable, and impact-driven. Our teams always look first for ways to optimize the client’s existing security stack and make the best use of any security spend. Sygnia cuts through complexity to provide a prioritized, clear, and strategic roadmap for the executive level.


The latest research into global threat actors and their tactics is incorporated into Sygnia’s adversary simulations and benchmarking, ensuring robust posture assessments.


Sygnia teams perform an effective posture assessment in any environment, with any IT or security stack, in any domain including cloud, application, CI/CD, OT, mobile, iOT, and traditional network infrastructure.


Strategic Assessment

Sygnia performs a full analysis to assess the organization’s current cyber posture and develop a strategic roadmap to enhance resilience.

Benchmarking Vs Industry Peers

Current security strengths and weakness are assessed in relation to industry security frameworks and compared to typical industry peer scores.


Following a major cyber-attack on the organization, Sygnia performs a full posture assessment and provides a detailed roadmap to strengthen the client’s network against the full spectrum of relevant threats.

Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

Prior to the completion of an acquisition, Sygnia performs a full posture analysis on the target company as an integral part of due diligence.

Security Spend Optimization

Sygnia provides a prioritized posture analysis and detailed enhancement roadmap that can be used to validate and optimize the organization’s security budget.

Regulatory Compliance

Sygnia checks the organization’s existing security measures, controls, and capabilities in comparison to regulatory requirements.

Cloud Migration

Prior to a planned migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud, Sygnia provides a full cloud security framework. Following a cloud migration, Sygnia performs a cloud security assessment and validation.

Digital Transformation

Sygnia assesses the cyber resilience of a critical product or application within the organization’s broader IT ecosystem to expose any inherent weaknesses.