Proactively reveal and eradicate nascent threats and establish continuous high assurance and vigilance.

Cyber ready organizations don’t rest. Ongoing vigilance, including extended detection and response,  is essential for identifying and eliminating nascent threats that are active in your environment. Whether it’s supporting your team’s threat hunting efforts or providing fully managed security operations services, our team brings unmatched threat detection, triage and mitigation expertise to bear.


Our cyber detection services  include:

Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR)

Augment internal security capabilities with Sygnia’s extended detection and response service.

Cyber Advanced Monitoring

Maintain threat detection capabilities and monitor your network in times of significant business risk.

Threat Hunting

Preemptively hunt attacks and neutralize dormant and early-stage active threats.


  • Instilling confidence in the security of the environment
  • Identification of gaps in security posture and practices, correcting and enhancing them to prevent a future attack
  • Effectively detection and accelerated investigation of suspicious activity
  • Enhancing SOC capabilities with a higher layer of confidence and analysis skills
  • Accurate mitigation of investigated security events with detailed recommendations
  • Ability to augment in-house teams’ capabilities or provide 24/7 monitoring & on-demand support