As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve in sophistication, it has become imperative for organizations to prioritize the integration of security into the design lifecycle to proactively address potential risks and vulnerabilities before they are exploited by threat-actors.

This involves integrating security considerations into every phase of the development process, from initial design and planning, to testing and deployment. By following a secure design lifecycle, organizations can help ensure that their systems and applications are as resilient as possible against a wide range of cyber threats

The most effective way to secure software systems and digital supply chains is to adopt a shift-left strategy and embed security into applications at the development stage.  Sygnia leverages its extensive DFIR, proactive security and secure software design experience to assist clients with secure design, including AD & IAM, data protection, crypto and supply chain security.

Embedding Security into DevOps Processes

Sygnia works with organizations to reduce their software development cyber risk. We help organizations adopt a mature DevSecOps approach that includes a documented framework with standards and processes for automation to secure their development pipeline. We help organizations leverage static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST) , software composition analysis, and vulnerability scanning.
Sygnia has adopted a highly structured approach to secure design engagements. Sygnia performs an initial review, assesses the maturity of the client’s current development process, then develops detailed initiatives based on a comprehensive comparison of the client’s development environment to best of breed secure software development practices. Sygnia then provides the organizational construct, capabilities, RACI, and skills to enable the client to achieve a secure target operating model (TOM) and robust application security framework. Clients receive an executive summary, a detailed technical report of the current security level of their software development processes and digital assets, and a prioritized action plan.


Evaluate and mature your digital assets and software development processes to achieve enhanced cyber resilience
Uncover previously unknown gaps in applications, code, and digital supply chains
Spot high-risk issues and identify immediate, high-impact solutions
Reduce time to market
Increase user satisfaction
Achieve business objectives more efficiently, with minimized cyber risk and dramatically reduced final security findings


As cyber threats are evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated, integrating security throughout the design lifecycle is essential for organizations. This approach preemptively addresses vulnerabilities and prevents exploits by potential threat actors.

Integrating security from the outset is critical, starting with initial design and extending through planning, testing, and deployment to safeguard systems and applications against a multitude of cyber threats. Most notable, adopting a ‘shift-left’ strategy, which prioritizes the early integration of security within the application development process.

Sygnia leverages its extensive expertise in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), proactive security measures, and secure software design to strengthen clients’ security posture. This comprehensive approach includes enhancing Active Directory and Identity and Access Management (AD & IAM), fortifying data protection, optimizing cryptographic measures, and securing supply chains.

Embedding Security into DevOps Processes

Working closely with organizations, our approach aims to mitigate software development security risks significantly. By fostering a mature DevSecOps culture, we introduce a well-documented framework and automate standards and processes. This enhances the development pipeline’s security through Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), software composition analysis, and vulnerability scanning.

Sygnia’s methodical secure design process begins with a thorough review and assessment of a client’s current development practices. We then tailor initiatives to elevate these practices to industry-leading standards. Our support extends to providing the necessary organizational structure, capabilities, and skills for clients to achieve a secure operating model and a robust application security framework. We deliver comprehensive support, including an executive summary, detailed technical analysis of their software development and digital assets’ security posture, and an action plan prioritized for maximum impact. These deliverables ensure clients have a clear understanding and actionable insights to enhance their security measures.