Enable leadership and security teams to train, prepare and build the critical capabilities needed to respond to an attack by enacting live simulations in your environment.

In the battle against attackers, quick, precise, and well-informed decisions are essential. You don’t want to be thinking about how to react during a real crisis: you need to know how to react.

Our Red Teaming, Purple Teaming and Wargaming services create real-world scenarios that allow leadership and security teams to strengthen their ability to navigate and respond to a cyber crisis.


Our cyber simulation services include:

Purple teaming

Empower your security team with advanced, dynamic and realistic training experiences.

Cyber War Gaming

Train your leadership and security management by simulating a heavyweight, realistic attack.

Red Teaming

Simulate targeted attacks on the network to test security and identify vulnerabilities.


  • Enhance detection capabilities by evaluating your environment from an attacker’s perspective
  • Test assumptions and measure security controls vs recent TTPs
  • Identify gaps, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and implement changes in real-time
  • Surface opportunities for improving resilience and incident readiness.
  • Increase team readiness, awareness and confidence in managing an attack
  • Understand the flow of an incident and key decision points