Swiftly contain and defeat cyberattacks with minimized business disruption, expertly guided by the leading global incident response team.

With a breach in your network and your business at risk, speed, confidence and expertise are paramount. You need a partner with battle-tested experience and a proven track record of facing and eradicating any threat.

We commence activities in multiple workstreams in parallel to accelerate incident resolution, orchestrating seamlessly among them and managing the incident end-to-end.


Sygnia offers a range of cyber response services, including:

Executive Crisis Management
Tactical Negotiation
Remediation and Recovery
Threat Monitoring
Executive Crisis Management

We partner with executive leadership, leading them through the crisis and providing accurate answers to stakeholders, employees, and the general public. We support executive crisis management including legal, regulatory, PR and internal management efforts.


We quickly ensure that areas not yet impacted by the attack will not be compromised. Our investigative findings are leveraged to rapidly contain the threat and prevent further damage to the business.


We perform triage and investigation to gain a clear, full picture of the attack and the current threat level. We rapidly and accurately identify attack vectors, timelines, and attacker capabilities that must be remediated.

Tactical Negotiation

We leverage expert negotiators to gain critical time and feed valuable information from the attacker back to the technical investigative team. This not only significantly lowers ransom demands, but also to substantially improve the speed of technical investigation and recovery efforts.

Remediation and Recovery

Recovery efforts are initiated immediately. With a “secure island” environment, the organization can return to full business operations much faster. The remediation effort identifies and closes security, and the attacker’s presence in the environment is eradicated.

Threat Monitoring

To minimize the risk of additional attacks, our incident response team performs tailored monitoring throughout and after an incident. This ensures additional malicious activities and re-entry attempts are detected and blocked immediately.




Digital forensics & tactical negotiations

We offer the comprehensive support business leaders need to persevere through ransomware crises and effectively return to secure, fully operational environments.


Crown jewel protection & litigation support

We stop data breaches swiftly and definitively, eradicating all malicious access to organizations and ensuring that persistent actors cannot re-enter.


Transaction security & IR readiness

We immediately identify and remediate key financial systems being targeted, and enable the establishment of new anti-fraud mechanisms through a comprehensive forensic investigation.


Defense-in-depth & zero-day mitigation

We unleash our unique incident response methodologies to thwart the most highly-sophisticated nation-state actors, who often employ zero-day vulnerabilities and are backed by unlimited resources.


Sygnia offers a range of cyber response services, including:

Incident Response Services

Investigate, contain and defeat attacks in your network while minimizing business impact.

Incident Response Retainer

Have a trusted partner on standby to support you, from forensic triage to a full-scale cyber event.

Digital Forensics

Find and recover digital evidence at any stage of investigation or litigation.


  • Swiftly contain and defeat cyber attacks
  • Effectively manage the crisis
  • Minimize business disruption and damage
  • Emerge from the crisis stronge