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9 January 2024

Crypto Cyber Security

Sygnia has developed a deep understanding of how crypto attacks unfold and the threat-actor tactics that are typically used.

29 November 2023

Why monitoring monitors is the key to cyber threat resilience

Protect your organization by monitoring the monitors – a critical defense against cyber threats.

15 November 2023

Diving into the new windows 11 PCA artifact

Discover the new forensic artifact in Windows 11 (22H2) and explore its format and behavior. Learn how to leverage it in investigations with our comprehensive documentation for DFIR practitioners.

17 August 2023

12 Questions you should ask when choosing a Managed XDR

Discover the 12 essential questions to ask when selecting a managed XDR solution (MXDR). Make an informed choice for robust threat detection and response.

2 August 2023

Guarding the Bridge: New Attack Vectors in Azure AD Connect

Sygnia’s research on Azure AD Connect revealed Attack Vectors in Azure, exposing credential and NT hash extraction, bypassing security.

25 July 2023

Breaking Down the Casbaneiro Infection Chain – Part II

Since 2018, the Casbaneiro banking trojan has targeted Latin American financial sectors. Sygnia monitors it closely as a major threat to multi-regional financial organizations.

13 June 2023

Case Study: cracking a global Adversary-In-The-Middle campaign using a threat intelligence toolkit

Using a variety of CTI enrichment techniques Sygnia was able to determine that the BEC attack was only a part of a much wider campaign, potentially impacting dozens of world-wide organizations.

20 April 2023

Accelerating Cyber Investigations with Velocity XDR’s Integrated Behavioral Analytics

Sygnia’s Velocity XDR uses UEBA not only to form a baseline for detecting anomalies, but also make the internal data easily accessible to platform users.

10 April 2023

Threat Actor Spotlight: RagnarLocker Ransomware

Explore the threat of RagnarLocker ransomware. Uncover its tactics and implications in this Sygnia blog spotlight on cyber threats.