The lack of an effective approach to operational technology (OT) security necessitates a game-changing solution. The energy, critical infrastructure and industrial sectors have long relied on “air-gapping” — separation of the OT and corporate IT networks to limit opportunities for attackers. With the advent of digital transformation and increased reliance on I-IoT devices, the air-gap is rarely complete anymore.

Sygnia, in collaboration with NVIDIA, is revolutionizing OT security, integrating advanced AI, edge computing, and real-time data analytics to enhance detection and response across the industrial digital estate.

This is how it’s done:

  • Data collection and analysis at the edge is vastly improved by deploying Sygnia’s specialized Pathfinder sensors running on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs across the OT estate.
  • A stack of additional security components running alongside Pathfinder on the DPUs, to support the data collection and analysis process, as well as facilitate preventive capabilities at the edge.
  • Sophisticated dynamic detection scenarios are created to power Sygnia’s Velocity XDR, through a combination of AI models trained on datasets from Sygnia’s numerous incident response cases, and pre-trained workflows and models available through the NVIDIA Morpheus GPU-accelerated AI framework for cybersecurity.
  • These innovations enable rapid response to threats in OT environments that were often previously undetectable.

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