Proven Benefits

Attacker Perspective

We employ only highly experienced A-teams with extensive nation-state level cyber warfare backgrounds, offensive and defensive capabilities, and decades of incident response experience.

Technological Superiority

Our agile teams effectively respond to incidents in any environment, with any IT or security stack. Our experience includes cloud, application, CI/CD, OT, mobile, and IoT.

Combat-Proven Methodology And Rapid Response

Sygnia’s modus operandi is the product of extensive military cyber combat experience. Sygnia’s incident response methodology encompasses parallel execution of the wide variety of activities needed to deal with an attack.

Rapid, Multipronged Response

When an organization is under attack, every minute counts. Sygnia commences activities in multiple workstreams to accelerate incident resolution. To enable a highly robust, and agile response, Sygnia is able to execute all of the workstreams in parallel, orchestrate among them, and manage the incident end-to-end.

Executive Crisis Management

Sygnia teams with executive leadership to lead through the crisis and provide accurate answers to stakeholders, employees, and the general public. In parallel with technical incident resolution streams, Sygnia supports executive crisis management including legal, regulatory, PR and internal management efforts.


It is critical to quickly ensure that areas of the environment that have not yet been impacted by the attack, will not be compromised. This can be achieved by segregating or quarantining them. Investigative findings are leveraged to rapidly contain the threat and prevent further damage to the business.


Sygnia performs triage and investigation to identify the initial entry point, the scope of compromise, how the attack propagated through the environment, the tools used by the attacker, and the current threat level. Sygnia rapidly and accurately identifies attack vectors, timelines, and attacker capabilities that must be remediated.

Tactical Negotiation

Sygnia leverages expert negotiators to gain critical time and feed valuable information from the attacker back to the technical investigative team. This approach serves not only to significantly lower ransom demands, but also to substantially improve the speed of technical investigation and recovery efforts.

Remediation And Recovery +

Recovery efforts are initiated immediately, in parallel with the initial investigation. By leveraging a “secure island” environment in which key services are re-created before the compromised method has been cleared, the organization can return to full business operations much faster. The remediation effort identifies and closes security, and the attacker’s presence in the environment is eradicated.

Threat Monitoring

Attackers may attempt additional malicious actions at any time. To minimize this risk, Sygnia’s incident response team performs tailored monitoring throughout and after an incident, to ensure additional malicious activities and re-entry attempts are detected and blocked immediately.

Lock in your IRR ahead of a breach

Get preferred terms and service levels ahead of a cyber security breach to reduce response time, help manage the impact of a cyber event, and enable faster recovery.

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