Amir Becker

SVP of Global Cyber Services

Amir Becker serves as Senior Vice President of Global Cyber Services at Sygnia, the foremost global cyber readiness and response team dedicated to applying creative approaches and battle-tested solutions to help organizations beat attackers and stay secure.  

With 25 years of experience in cyber operations, threat intelligence, and diplomacy, Becker leads a global team of cyber security experts and consultants. Their mission is to assist clients in preparing for and responding to cyber-attacks, leveraging unparalleled speed, technology-driven scalability, and strategic approaches to effectively counter threats and establish new benchmarks for organizational cyber resilience. 

Before joining Sygnia, Becker led the Cyber Operations Division (Colonel) within Unit 8200, the elite cyber and intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Prior to that, Becker served as the first Cyber Attaché to the U.S. at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C.  His vast experience in leading large-scale cyber programs have pushed and at times, defined, the boundaries of today’s cybersecurity landscape.  

Becker was awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Prize for technological breakthroughs in the cyber field. He holds a double BA in East Asia studies and Economics from the Hebrew University and has completed an MBA. 

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