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17 June 2024

China-Linked Hackers Infiltrate East Asian Firm for 3 Years Using F5 Devices

Sygnia reveals 3-year cyber espionage campaign by China-linked Velvet Ant group, exploiting F5 BIG-IP for persistence and deploying PlugX malware.

2 May 2024

Sygnia Revolutionizes Operational Technology Security for the Energy and Industrial Sectors, in Collaboration with NVIDIA

Effort will Bring Improved Data Collection and AI-Powered MXDR to Critical IT and OT Environments.

24 April 2024

Cyber Response Player Sygnia Foils Attack on Client With Bold Security Move

A “blow-by-blow” account of how Sygnia, an incident response company, coped with a ransomware attack on an unidentified client was recently published by SecurityWeek.

17 April 2024

Anatomy of a BlackCat Attack Through the Eyes of Incident Response

Incident response experts at Sygnia provide a detailed blow-by-blow of a BlackCat ransomware attack and share tips for survival.

21 March 2024

How Can We Reduce Threats From the Initial Access Brokers Market?

The ready-made access IABs offer has become an integral part of the ransomware ecosystem. Here’s how to stop them before they can profit from your assets.

19 March 2024

Ransomware-as-a-Service: The Threat That’s Making Cyber Resilience More Important Than Ever

In late 2023, we covered the topic of cyber-attacks through a very detailed interview with Ram Elboim, CEO of Sygnia.

18 March 2024

Sygnia Announces Participation in EPRI Consortium backed by the DOE to Enhance U.S. Energy Infrastructure Security

Sygnia collaborates with NVIDIA, Waterfall Security Solutions, Clemson University, and leading US electric utilities to develop AI for cybersecurity in control system networks at the edge. Learn more about this innovative project.

18 March 2024

South African Government Pension Data Leak Fears Spark Probe

LockBit ransomware gang claims 668GB of data it dumped online was stolen from South Africa’s pension agency.

8 March 2024

Microsoft comes under blistering criticism for “grossly irresponsible” security

Azure looks like a house of cards collapsing under the weight of exploits and vulnerabilities.

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