Threat actors are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on security gaps that typically emerge as organizations expand their cloud footprint. It is essential for organizations to ensure that as more and more infrastructure and workloads are migrated to the cloud, cyber resilience is enhanced rather than compromised. Sygnia offers a suite of services that are designed and proven to enhance cloud cyber resilience. Our services are geared for organizations that are cloud-native, in the midst of a cloud migration, or at the beginning of their cloud journey.


Validates and enhances the cyber resilience of cloud- native organizations
Validates and enhances both the current cyber resilience and security roadmap of organizations in the midst of a cloud migration
Ensures a secure reference design for organizations at the beginning of their cloud journey


Achieving a robust cloud environment involves many of the traditional security principles, such as least privileged, defense in depth, strong authentication, and minimization of the attack surface. In addition, there are unique cloud security challenges that successful organizations have dealt with to achieve a greatly enhanced security posture.

Shared responsibility

The shared responsibility model that most cloud providers advocate creates confusion in terms of the division of security responsibilities between the provider and the customer.

Decentralized and agile

The decentralized and agile nature of cloud usage is prone to lack of proper governance. This can negatively impact security posture and reduce visibility of newly-emerging risks.

The abundance of different cloud services

Organizations often leverage multiple cloud providers, containers, serverless and microservices architectures Security teams face increasing difficulties in understanding, monitoring, and regulating these environments.

The dissolution of traditional perimeter security controls

Traditional security approaches for securing the organizational assets within a network perimeter are more difficult to implement in the cloud. Instead, identities often become both first and last lines of defense and are frequently the target of attacks.

Security misconfigurations

Cloud architectures and services are more prone to unintentional security misconfigurations. With the click of a button, highly-sensitive data can be exposed to any entity on the internet.


The offering consists of services that range from a high-level cloud security overview, to detailed strategic and technical assessments and adversary simulations. Our cloud security services have been proven to enhance the cyber resilience of organizations that already heavily leveraged cloud infrastructure before engaging Sygnia, and to improve the security outcome for organizations that were in the midst of a cloud migration or were just beginning to plan one.

Cloud Security Framework Advisory

Sygnia’s Cloud Security Framework Advisory is ideal for organizations that are looking for guidance on how to properly secure their planned or existing cloud environment. Sygnia provides each advisory client with a guidebook that is comprised of a comprehensive set of security requirements for cloud environments, accompanied by clear, detailed and actionable implementation guidelines, as well as a secure reference design tailored to the organization’s needs.

Cloud Security Architecture Review

The Cloud Security Architecture Review is designed for organizations that are planning a cloud environment, or have one in its infancy and want to validate its security design prior to full implementation. Sygnia focusses on architectural decisions and their alignment with shift-left strategies. We review key design elements such as network interconnectivity and controls, identity architecture and principles, visibility and log collection, governance and compliance management. Potential architectural improvements are identified.

Cloud Adversary Simulation

A Cloud Adversary Simulation is suited for organizations that want to battle-test their cyber defenses and response capabilities. Hands-on adversary simulations are applied to the organization’s cloud ecosystem, replicating threat-actor tactics, techniques, procedures and attack vectors that will likely be used against the organization. Security system misconfigurations, design flaws, and exploitable vulnerabilities are identified, and appropriate mitigations are recommended.

Cloud Security Implementation Guidance

Cloud Security Implementation Guidance enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformation and cloud adoption while ensuring that cyber risk is adequately controlled. Sygnia acts as a trusted advisor and guides implementation of the organization’s cloud security roadmap, along with continuous calibration of the security workplan.

Cloud Security Posture Assessment

Sygnia’s Cloud Security Posture Assessment is designed for organizations that already have a cloud footprint and want a comprehensive evaluation of its cyber resilience. The assessment includes a detailed review of the organization’s cloud architecture, configurations, and security controls. Sygnia analyzes the organization’s current capabilities in comparison to Sygnia’s framework of cloud security best practices. We provide a strategic and pragmatic security roadmap with detailed, actionable recommendations that will enhance the security posture of the organization’s cloud environment.

Incident Response

Sygnia’s global incident response teams have a proven track record of swiftly containing and defeating cyber attacks on cloud and hybrid environments, minimizing business disruption, and guiding organizations through a crisis.

Cloud Security Posture Assessment


Only A-Teams

Our teams include cloud architects, penetration testers, and researchers with vast industry experience and multiple cloud-security certifications (CCSP, CCSK, AWS, AZ- 500), with extensive digital combat experience in cloud environments.

Technological Mastery

Our teams have in-depth experience with cloud security frameworks and methodologies, and the ability to work with any cloud or hybrid/multi-cloud environment, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Adversary Perspective

Our teams have a deep understanding of the cloud threat landscape, and extensive nation-state cyber warfare experience. Sygnia’s Advanced Adversarial Tactics team is recognized as an industry-leader.

Pragmatic And Impact-Driven

Sygnia empowers clients with detailed actions and recommendations, real-time insights, and knowledge sharing to drive cyber posture enhancement at scale. Sygnia provides an unwavering long-term commitment, supporting clients’ entire digital transformation journey.