The OT threat landscape has transformed in recent years and is now dominated by what Sygnia calls “Industrial Grade Ransomware”: attacks on the IT infrastructure of the industrial enterprise, that put its operational technology at risk, due to the potential cascading effect into the ICS and OT environment.

This has made the industrial sector one of the most targeted sectors globally – a trend which is intensifying; according to an ENISA study, heavy industry suffered the most ransomware attacks globally in 2021. This trend, especially when combined with the wave of digital transformation in the sector, does not allow the industrial enterprise to view – and secure – its IT and OT environments in isolation. Enterprise-wide cybersecurity, across the digital estate – IT and OT, is imperative. Sygnia’s holistic OT security offering has been designed to achieve enterprise-wide cybersecurity. We have embedded our deep IT and OT cyber experience across the full range of our cybersecurity services for the industrial enterprise, from reactive incident response, through detection and response to proactive resilience enhancement.


Maximized cyber resilience via a holistic, end-to-end approach that encompasses both OT & IT
Early detection of threats with Sygnia’s MXDR and advanced monitoring
Decisive incident response that minimizes disruption to operations


Security architecture and configuration review

Designed for organizations that want to establish a robust, secure baseline and build an OT architecture that is secure by design. Using our OT & Industrial IoT Security Framework™, Sygnia establishes a security framework that will guide the organization going forward.

IT/OT security posture enhancement

Provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s end-to-end cyber resilience. The service is also available as a focused OT-only assessment. Sygnia analyzes the client’s current capabilities in comparison to Sygnia’s framework of OT and IT security best practices. We provide a strategic, as well as pragmatic security roadmap with detailed, actionable recommendations that will drive structured enhancement of the organization’s security posture.

IT/OT adversary tactics simulation

Ideal for organizations that want to battle-test their enterprise-wide cyber defenses and response capabilities with a red-teaming exercise. Hands-on adversary simulations are applied to the client’s IT and OT infrastructure, replicating threat-actor tactics, techniques, procedures and attack vectors that will likely be used against the organization, based on Sygnia’s extensive knowledge of the current global threat landscape.

Security training and awareness

Sygnia offers a variety of security training and awareness exercises that are designed to engage multiple levels of the organization. They include wargames and table-top exercises for executive leadership, and hands-on purple teaming exercises for security personnel.

OT security strategy optimization

Drives an organization’s cybersecurity posture ‘from good to great’. It is designed for reasonably mature enterprises, aspiring to move from maturity level 3 to 4 and beyond. Focus areas include kinetic and digital-twin based testbeds for ICS/OT, Hybrid-SOC design & development, and strategic preparations for new paradigms at the frontier of OT security.

Managed XDR

Provides clients with a high-end, system agnostic, 24/7 managed security service that monitors the entire digital estate, IT and OT, providing real-time threat detection, forensic analysis, accelerated investigation, threat hunting, and a rapid transition to incident response when an attack is detected.

Incident response retainer

Provides predetermined, critical IT and OT engagement parameters that enable Sygnia’s IR team to hit the ground running when an incident occurs. Sygnia’s incident response teams have a proven track record of swiftly containing and defeating cyber attacks, minimizing operation and business disruption, and guiding organizations through a crisis.


Only A-Teams

Our teams include cloud architects, penetration testers, and researchers with vast industry experience and multiple cloud-security certifications (CCSP, CCSK, AWS, AZ- 500), with extensive digital combat experience in cloud environments.

Technological Mastery

Our teams have in-depth experience with cloud security frameworks and methodologies, and the ability to work with any cloud or hybrid/multi-cloud environment, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Adversary Perspective

Our teams have a deep understanding of the cloud threat landscape, and extensive nation-state cyber warfare experience. Sygnia’s Advanced Adversarial Tactics team is recognized as an industry-leader.

Pragmatic And Impact-Driven

Sygnia empowers clients with detailed actions and recommendations, real-time insights, and knowledge sharing to drive cyber posture enhancement at scale. Sygnia provides an unwavering long-term commitment, supporting clients’ entire digital transformation journey.