In the dynamic landscape of cyber security, empowering security teams to effectively investigate and respond to attacks is crucial. Our Security Team Empowerment service is designed to equip your internal teams with the skills and methodologies necessary to combat evolving threats. Our training goals focus on enhancing internal response and investigation capabilities, providing relevant methodologies tailored to the tools utilized by your organization. Topics covered in the training include common attack techniques employed by threat actors, alerts triage and forensics investigation approach, threat hunting methodologies, and more. With various training options available – including focused exercises, live simulated exercises, guided threat hunts, and purple team engagements – each drill is customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, taking into account the technology and security stack in use, team maturity, and time constraints.


  • Improve internal team response and investigation capabilities.
  • Provide proper response and investigation methodology relevant to the tools utilized by your organization.
  • Educate team members on common attack techniques used by threat actors, and how to identify them.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance visibility through tactical logs collection and alerts implementation.
  • Foster an engaging learning environment.


Tailoring our approach to your goals, internal team capabilities, security maturity, and time constraints, we collaborate with you to design the best training exercise:

  • Focused drill
  • Live simulated drill
  • Guided threat hunt
  • Purple team

Our goal is to ensure that your security teams are well-equipped to detect, investigate, and respond to threats effectively.



Sygnia employs only highly experienced A-teams with extensive cyber warfare and enterprise security backgrounds. Sygnia’s extensive incident response and enterprise security experience is embedded into our posture assessments and enhancements, including deep insights into the requisite defensive fabric and tactics needed to maximize cyber defenses.


Sygnia’s recommendations are pragmatic, actionable, and impact-driven. Our teams always look first for ways to optimize the client’s existing security stack and make the best use of any security spend. Sygnia cuts through complexity to provide a prioritized, clear, and strategic roadmap for the executive level.


The latest research into global threat actors and their tactics is incorporated into Sygnia’s adversary simulations and benchmarking, ensuring robust posture assessments.


Sygnia teams perform an effective posture assessment in any environment, with any IT or security stack, in any domain including cloud, application, CI/CD, OT, mobile, iOT, and traditional network infrastructure.