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Revolutionizing OT Security: Launching AI-Powered MXDR at the Edge

The need to improve cybersecurity in highly complex, mission-critical OT environments requires a paradigm shift. That’s why Sygnia, in collaboration with NVIDIA, is deploying AI and hardware-accelerated security at the edge to enhance detection and response for the energy, critical infrastructure and industrial sectors. By integrating advanced AI, edge computing, and real-time data analytics, this solution is set to elevate OT cyber security from reactive to predictive.

In this session, you’ll get a deep dive into the new solution.

Join us for a LIVE panel discussion on:

  • Innovative techniques for secure data collection and processing at the edge using Sygnia’s specialized Pathfinder sensors running on NVIDIA® BlueField® DPUs.
  • AI-powered detection and response powered by Sygnia’s Velocity XDR and NVIDIA Morpheus.
  • How the new solution enables the detection of threats often previously impossible to identify in industrial environments.
  • Our Early Access Program.

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Rafael Maman
VP Strategy and Technology, SYGNIA
Arik Roztal
Global Head of Business Development, Cybersecurity, NVIDIA
Ofir Arkin
Manager, Sr. Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA
Ahsan Yousufzai
Global Head of Business Development and Strategy, Energy, NVIDIA
Yossi Torati
Director of Enterprise Security, SYGNIA

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