Sygnia Revolutionizes Operational Technology Security for the Energy and Industrial Sectors, in Collaboration with NVIDIA

Effort will Bring Improved Data Collection and AI-Powered MXDR to Critical IT and OT Environments.

TEL AVIV & NEW YORK – MAY 2, 2024Sygnia, the foremost global cyber readiness and response team, today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA aimed at revolutionizing cybersecurity in the energy and industrial sectors with AI-powered edge solutions. The initiative combines Sygnia’s Pathfinder sensors and Velocity XDR platform with NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework to improve data collection and threat detection and response. This hardware and software solution aims to secure industrial and critical infrastructure with AI-powered security at the edge.

The energy and industrial sectors have long relied upon “air-gapping” to secure operational technology (OT) environments, separating the OT and corporate IT networks to limit opportunities for attackers. While still important for cyber-securing OT environments, such strict network separation also hampers traditional data collection and limits organizations’ abilities to detect and respond to threats in OT environments. Furthermore, with the advent of digital transformation and an increased reliance on Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) devices, the air-gap is rarely complete anymore, creating opportunities for threat actors to infiltrate OT environments. The lack of an effective approach to OT security using traditional techniques necessitates a game-changing approach, specifically the use of hardware-accelerated solutions that enable data collection and analysis at the edge, and out-of-band communication for proper monitoring and visibility, as well as for supporting preventive capabilities that are already common in IT environments.

Sygnia’s collaboration with NVIDIA centers on developing advanced artificial intelligence, data collection and processing capabilities to detect and respond to cyber incidents in industrial control system networks at the edge. Deploying Sygnia’s specialized Pathfinder sensors on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs yields improved edge data collection and analysis, and the combination of NVIDIA Morpheus and Sygnia’s Velocity XDR platform enables an improved, AI-powered threat detection and response at the edge. By feeding both pre-trained models from NVIDIA Morpheus as well as models trained on datasets from Sygnia’s extensive experience covering incidents worldwide through the Velocity XDR platform, the solution will enable rapid response to threats in OT environments that were often previously undetectable.

“As cyber threats in industrial and critical infrastructure environments grow in number and impact, this new paradigm will allow defenders a significant advantage over traditional methods, empowering them to proactively anticipate and swiftly respond to emerging risks,” said Ram Elboim, CEO, Sygnia. “By harnessing NVIDIA technologies, Sygnia is poised to help redefine cybersecurity in these vital sectors, safeguarding against evolving threats and ensuring the resilience of our critical systems and infrastructure.”

“It is imperative that robust cybersecurity measures safeguard the world’s critical energy infrastructure,” said Marc Spieler, Senior Managing Director for Global Energy, NVIDIA. “Combining NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform with Sygnia’s advanced cybersecurity technologies will help protect the energy and industrial sectors with the power of AI.”

For an in-depth look at the collaboration, register for our upcoming webinar. To register your interest and join the early-access program, visit here.


Velocity Edge, Sygnia’s hardware-accelerated MXDR service, will be available in Q3 2024 in an early-access program, with a full rollout expected in Q4 2024.

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